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August 20, 2015

english conversation about forest fires

In this English podcast conversation, we discuss some of the recent forest fires that have started in the area where we live, how firefighters work against the fires and the procedures that are in place to help people and animals that need to be evacuated if a fire is near to their homes. Hear about what some people do to watch these sometimes dangerous situations and the nickname we give them.

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Real English Conversation Tip:

Hear about what a looky-loo is and what they do when an emergency situation is happening.

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Curtis:  Hey, everybody. It's Amy and Curtis from RealEnglishConversations.com and today we're going to be talking about a natural disaster that happens in our area where we live, and it's forest fires. Now, what are forest fires, Amy?

Amy:  Well, forest fires are fires obviously that start in the forest, just like it sounds. But these are...are accidents or sometimes they're caused naturally.

Curtis:  Yes.

Amy:  But it's a fire that is wild in the forest, it's...it's uncontrolled.

Curtis:  Yes.

Amy:  It's unintentional that it's there. So for example, a forest fire might start by being either human caused, which would make it an accident.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  Or it might be something in nature that has happened. So what happens in nature that causes forest fires to start?

Curtis:  Well, sometimes thunderstorms.

Amy:  Yeah.

Curtis:  Come through our area and with thunderstorms is lightning, of course.

Amy:  Yeah. And lightning strikes1a can definitely start fires.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  Like if a lightning bolt1b hits a tree it will light on fire.

Curtis:  On fire. And it's because forest fire season is in the summertime. And everything around us is super dry, so a fire will start quicker.

Amy:  Yeah. So if it has been raining, and there was a lightning strike that hit a tree in the forest, it wouldn't likely start a fire. Like it might...that tree might burn, or get charred a little bit, but it's not going to start a fire. But right now what's happened is we've had the hottest and driest summer in...isn't it over 50 years or something like that2?

Curtis:  Something like that.

Amy:  Yeah. So we've had very little rain and extremely hot temperatures, so it...in the forest, it's so dry. If there's like, for example, human caused, like a cigarette butt, a lit cigarette butt that is flicked out the window.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And it lands in a ditch with some dry grass, what happens?

Curtis:  It takes within seconds for a fire...

Amy:  Yeah, a grass fire to start.


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English Podcast: Forest Fires - Listen to American English

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