26. Recycling - English Conversation Podcast Preview

August 10, 2015

english conversation about recyclingIn this English podcast conversation, Amy and Curtis realized they didn't know very much about the specific reasons why recycling is important and how it affects our environment. So they did some research, learned some interesting details and they share with you some of the things they learned about how recycling impacts the environment positively and how everyone can make small changes to keep the world cleaner.


Recycling website with interesting facts: http://www.all-recycling-facts.com/

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We talk about the term 'tree hugger' and how it is used to describe environmental activists.

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Curtis:  Hi, everybody. My name's Curtis from RealEnglishConversations.com. And today Amy and I are going to be talking about recycling. So Amy is going to blow me away1 with what this is. Because all I know about recycling is our own little thing of...we take a bin to the curb2, and we put newspaper and plastic, and all sorts of things in it, and that's pretty much all I know. So, fill me in, Amy.

Amy:  Okay. So initially when we were wanting to have this conversation, I thought, oh, Curtis, we should talk about the environment or recycling or something like that. And I didn't really know what we were going to talk about, but I wanted a couple of statistics. But I ended up finding this really, really interesting website called All-Recycling-Facts.com. It's actually All-Recycling-Facts.com. And this website had a ton3 of really, really interesting information on it.

Curtis:  Cool.

Amy:  And I realized my understanding of recycling was very vague4. And I think that this is a common situation that most people have in our culture and society.

Curtis:  Exactly. Mine was pretty vague.

Amy:  Well, your...it still is vague, because I'm going to tell you what actually happens with these recycling materials once you take them to the curb. Because now I've...I've learned a whole lot of information that I didn't know before. So I think what has happened is we grew up in a society, probably for me it happened when I was around 10. This concept of recycling started.

Curtis:  Yeah. In Edmonton, I was about 8 years old.

Amy:  Yeah, 8 or 9, somewhere around there.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  Yeah. And for me it was around the same age. But Curtis and I have 10 years difference between the two of us. So that means your city was about 10 years ahead of my city with the recycling program.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  But we're not really that old, so recycling is a fairly new concept in this world. And what have we found when we've been to other countries that are still developing? Do they recycle as much?

Curtis:  Not as much. I found like the stuff that I would normally, you know, be used to recycling...

Amy:  Stuff that for us we would never throw in the garbage.

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English Podcast Episode #26 - Recycling and the Environment

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