29. Small Talk #1 - English Conversation Podcast Preview

September 10, 2015

In this English conversation we discuss some recent things that have been happening with us and some recent events in the area we live. Hear about how everything from pro-wake surfers to our efforts to build a spare room for our house sitter while we are away.

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Curtis:  Hey guys, it's Curtis. I'm hanging out with Amy and we're from RealEnglishConversations.com and we're going to have some small talk today. What's small talk, Amy?

Amy:  Small talk is when you're talking about, I don't know, topics.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  That aren't really important. Right? So it's actually pretty funny. We're sitting here right now, we're recording in our bedroom because we find that we get the best sound quality for our conversations in our bedroom. And we just poured ourselves a cup of coffee.

Curtis:  Yeah. We've got two cups of coffee sitting right beside us. It's really good coffee today.

Amy:  Yeah. And we're just going to talk about some things I guess that are kind of, I don't know, that have happened recently. But they're not really topics where we can base a whole conversation around them, so we're probably going to end up talking about three or four different topics. And just kind of see where the conversation goes. So Curtis, what did we wake up to yesterday morning?

Curtis:  We woke up to, well, it looked like a lot of fog.

Amy:  And what did it smell like?

Curtis:  It smelled like a camp fire.

Amy:  What does that mean?

Curtis:  Our city was completely filled with thick forest fire smoke.

Amy:  And how has it been this year, I guess, like as you guys, anyone who's listened to the episode we had a couple episodes ago, about forest fires, we kind of talked about this, smoke being in the valley and stuff. But although we've had one of the worst forest fire seasons in history, a long history, anyway. Um, this year, despite that, we haven't had a lot of smoky days, right?

Curtis:  No. Until yesterday.

Amy:  So what...like yesterday, okay. About the smoke, I just...I don't know how to kind of describe this to people. So it was forecasted to be a sunny day, like no clouds, pure sun.

Curtis:  Clear blue sky.

Amy:  Yeah. Clear blue sky. And when I woke it was like I...I could see through the blinds, the light coming in through the blinds, that it definitely wasn't a bright sunny day.

Curtis:  No.

Amy:  And I could smell the smoke. So I wasn't surprised when I wandered out to the kitchen in the morning to start making coffee, that there was smoke. I just wasn't expecting to see as much as we saw. What was it like the day before? Like I just want to try to explain how quickly this happened. So...

Curtis:  The day before it was completely beautiful.

Amy:  Clear.

Curtis:  Clear, blue sky once again.

Amy:  Like no indication of smoke even lingering1 around the area.

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