28. Weddings - English Conversation Podcast Preview

August 30, 2015

In the episode, we discuss weddings and talk about one that we attended recently.
Do you know what a shot gun wedding is? Hear about that and much more in this episode. For the real English tip we give you a couple of popular expressions that people use to talk about getting married.

English Podcast Transcription Preview:English conversation about weddings

Curtis:  Hey, guys, it's Curtis and I'm hanging out with Amy. We're here from Real English Conversation. And usually we like to talk about things that we're doing or have recently done. And this past weekend we went to a special event. It was a wedding. And who was it that got married, Amy?

Amy:  Well, it was a couple of friends of ours. And they're people that I guess we've both known for, I don't know, I guess our entire relationship, we've known Laura.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And her...her new husband is Russ. And I think they've been together about five years or so.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And then finally decided that they...they wanted to get married. Now this was a fairly quick wedding, in respect to1 wedding planning. Do you remember when we got invited to the wedding?

Curtis:  It was only three months ago.

Amy:  Yeah.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  I think it was at the beginning of June. Maybe even two and a half months.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  Yeah, so when I was actually at the wedding I was talking to one of the girls that was there. Of course, people talk about getting married and having weddings and stuff like that of their own. And this one girl that I was talking to, she was saying that her and her fiancée are...are wanting to get married, but when she started calling around trying to book a venue2 and, you know, the...the guy that makes the marriage legal...what is that called?

Curtis:  Well, a justice of the peace.

Amy:  Oh, right. That's if you don't have a religion. Like if it's not a wedding that's in a church, right?

Curtis:  Yeah. Like the pastor or priest would do that...

Amy:  Right.

Curtis:  ...and marry people if you have a religious background.

Amy:  Right. Right. You would...you would have the pastor, yeah, they would come and they say the vows3, and they have the authority, I guess, to say that this man and this woman are now husband and wife, and they're married, right?

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