English Podcast: Moving to Another Country - American English Conversation

February 15, 2017

moving to another country

In this English podcast, we tell you all about our experiences preparing to move to another country and all the stuff we had to get rid of. You will hear us talk about everything from selling our house, letting go of collections, garage sales and even a fight with our couch to get it out the door!



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Mari from Brazil asks us a question:

Dear Amy and Curtis,

I’ve been studying English for more than three years now. I feel like it’s easy for me to understand English when I’m listening and I’m good at reading and writing. But when I try to speak, I feel like the words do not come out of my mind very easy and I make a lot of mistakes. Do you know why this is happening to me?

Here is an article that explains more about this called: Why is Speaking Soooo Hard


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English Podcast: Moving to Another Country -American English Conversation

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