33. Applying for Jobs - Free English Conversation Podcast

October 20, 2015

In this free English conversation we talk about applying for jobs. Hear about some of our experiences applying for jobs as well as when we hired people for our own business.

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Real English Conversation Tip:

We talk about a popular expression that we use to say you have a lead or an opportunity for a job offer. 

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Curtis:  Well, hey, guys. It's Curtis, and I'm hanging out with Amy. We're from RealEnglishConversations.com. Today we're going to kind of continue our conversation about jobs, and applying for them, actually.

Amy:  In the last episode we talked about resumes. And what was normal to see in a North American resume. And comparing it to a resume that we've recently seen from another culture or another country.

Curtis:  Yeah, from Colombia, and it was 27 pages long.

Amy:  Yeah. The total opposite of a North American resume, which is like a...the most concentrated summary you can possibly imagine of your work history.

Curtis:  Yeah, they're almost opposites.

Amy:  Yeah. Complete opposites. So, anyway, we thought that obviously the next step, now that you have a resume.

Curtis:  Yeah, you've created a resume.

Amy:  This is the first step in applying for a job.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  What do you do?

Curtis:  Well, you go out there, and hand out your resume to the places that you would probably prefer to work at. Sometimes, you know, you can't get too picky if you really need a job really bad, you apply everywhere.

Amy:  Right.

Curtis:  So you've got your stack of resumes with you, and then you go out there and you walk into businesses or places with that resume. You ask for the boss or the manager, that does the hiring, usually that's what I would do, that's who I want to give my resume to.

Amy:  Yeah, can I speak to the manager, please.

Curtis:  Yeah, you want to make that...

Amy:  That's where you would...you're using...

Curtis:  First impression.

Amy:  The most formal speech that you possibly can, but, yeah, can I speak with the manager, please is definitely, I mean, if you're making a complaint at a restaurant, you would say the same thing, but if you're applying for a job, it's, oh, hi, I was wondering if the manager is around, I'd like to speak with them.

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English Podcast Episode 33: Applying for Jobs

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