32: Resumes For Jobs - English Conversation Podcast Preview

October 10, 2015

In this conversation we discuss résumés that are used to apply for jobs. This is a general discussion of what is important to include and some of the things we have done to prepare our resume.  To access the entire conversation including the English tip for this episode, you can sign up as a premium member at our website.

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We are going to give you some of the funny expressions related to losing your job. (Premium Members)

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Curtis:  Hey, guys. It's Amy and Curtis from Real English Conversations. And today we're going to talk about resumes. And how did we come about this topic?

Amy:  Well, this topic was inspired by seeing a resume from another culture. And, okay, so actually just yesterday I was talking to my friend from Colombia and he wants to basically...he would like to work in the United States.

Curtis:  Okay.

Amy:  And the American resume is very, very different than the Colombia resume. And I have never seen a resume from another country, or another cultures.

Curtis:  Well that must have been pretty interesting.

Amy:  Yeah, I mean, of course it's all in Spanish, because it's a Spanish speaking country, and the jobs he's applying for are in Spanish. But the part that surprised me the most was that this thing is like a mini book.

Curtis:  Well, the actual size of the resume.

Amy:  How many pages was it, Curtis?

Curtis:  Was it 28, 27 or 28 pages?

Amy:  The last page was blank. So 27 pages.

Curtis:  When you showed this to me, my jaw dropped.

Amy:  Me too.

Curtis:  I was like I can't believe what I'm seeing here.

Amy:  I...that's exactly what I said to my friend too. I said, never in my life have I seen a resume this long. This is insane.

Curtis:  It's going to take me a month to read it.

Amy:  I'm like, this is normal? And he's like, oh, yeah. Yeah, you need to have everything on your resume. So the first page, which, um, okay, on an American, North American-style resume, you put your contact information at the very top. And it takes up like maybe an inch or an inch and a half. Like three centimetres, maximum, on the front of the top page.

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