31: Family Vacations - English Conversation Podcast Preview

September 30, 2015

Listen to some stories about how Amy & Curtis typically spend their childhood with their families during vacations. One family liked to go camping, while the other family often took a trip to a sunnier destination. To access the entire conversation including the English tip for this episode, you can sign up as a premium member at our website.

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English Podcast Transcription Preview:

Amy:  So we just got back from a little mini-vacation that we had a few days ago. This is Amy and Curtis from RealEnglishConversations.com, as everybody probably knows by now. And, ah, it was...I call it a mini-vacation because it wasn't far.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And it wasn't very long.

Curtis:  Yeah. You can also call it a road trip.

Amy:  Yeah, it was a bit of a road trip because we drove by car. You know, so that's a common way that we talk about it. But we actually went to go visit my parents. And they live about five or six hours from where we live.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And, you know, it was a place that I went to when I was a child all the time.

Curtis:  Oh, so you went there as you were growing up?

Amy:  Yeah, yeah, it was something that we typically did for a family vacation, and we would go for a week or something like that. And I just thought that it would be a kind of an interesting conversation for us to talk about what our vacations were like with our families growing up. And, I mean, I think it's kind of different because my family, especially my dad, he's kind of an outdoorsman1, so he's a fisher, a fisherman, and he hunts, and he likes going up into the bush in the middle of nowhere.

Curtis:  He likes the outdoors.

Amy:  He likes the outdoors. And your family is definitely more domestic.

Curtis:  Yes.

Amy:  You know, like, you wouldn't be four-by-fouring2 into some random lake in the middle of nowhere.

Curtis:  No.

Amy:  You know, it's a little bit more comfortable the way that you travel and what you did. So, anyway, why don't we start with you. So what are some of the family vacations that you had with your family growing up?

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